Cable and Wires

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Electrical Cables

Through our represented companies large production capacity, we offer a wide range of cables covering the needs of all sectors and industries.

Cables for Construction: Energy efficient cables from 0.75mm² to 16mm² with different insulation properties:


Flexible Cables: Energy efficient cables from 0.5mm² to 1000mm² encased in Class 5 copper with different insulation properties:

  • Industrial flexibile cables with single core.
  • Multi-core industrial flexible cables.
  • Flat & round submersible cables.
  • Solid submersible cable.
  • Speaker cables.
  • Welding cables.
  • Low voltage power cables in round and sectorial conductor configuration from 600 to 1000 V – mono-conductor and multi-conductor.
  • Medium voltage cables in XLPE and EPR insulation up to 69 Kv.
  • Extra high voltage cables with XLPE and EPR insulation up to 132 kV.
  • Control cables
  • Instrumentation cables.
  • Aerial multiplex or pre-assembled cables for energy distribution in low and medium voltage in copper or aluminum.

Distribution Drivers & Power Transmissions

We offer low, medium and high voltage transmission and distribution conductors.
Type of conductor:

  • AAC.
  • AAAC.
  • ACAR.
  • AACSR.
  • ACSR.
  • HTLS.

Specialty Cables

Suitable for various applications:

  • Mining, oil & gas (offshore and onshore).
  • Extreme fire conditions.
  • Highly corrosive environment.
  • Air traffic signs.
  • Cables for aerospace use.
  • Anti-theft cables.
  • VVF cables.
  • Cables for oil platforms.
  • Cables for earthmoving equipment.
  • Submersible Cables.
  • Cables in different types of insulation for high temperatures.
  • Cables with Electron Beam technology (radiated) for different products.
  • Cables with neutral buoyancy.
  • CRD cables with integrated optical fibers.
  • Customized solutions for composite cables.
  • Submersible power cables.
  • Irradiated current cables for locomotives and ship cabling.
  • Aluminum elastomer cables for wind farm applications.
  • Hybrid cables (Communication and energy solutions in the same cable).
  •  Solar dc cable.
  • Solar cable ac.
  • Cables covered with steel braided mesh.

Cable for Telecommunications

Outdoor or indoor multipart telephone cables filled or dry of direct burial, with and without messenger:
With range of 1 Pair to 2400 Pairs x 0.40 mm, 0.50 mm and 0.63mm in solid bare conductor with HDPE insulation and flame retardant covering.

LAN Cables

Range Cat 5e & Cat 6 – Pair braided, polyethylene insulated high quality and without PVC covering with light grey shielding, fire retardant properties, low attenuation and crosstalk and low structural loss return.

Coaxial Cables

Range of RG 59 F, RG 6 F, RG 6 CCS, RG 11 F and RG 11 F CCS – Nitrogen gas injected with insulating foam of polyethylene, laminated aluminum foil composed of Aluminum and aluminum alloy braid, low attenuation with minimum structured loss of return in extreme weather conditions to give an excellent signal of quality giving a clear reception of greater bandwidth covering more than 100 channels.

Fiber Optic Cables & OPGW

Fiber Optic

High performance data/transmission of video:

  • 2f to 24f unitube, 2f to 288f multitube
  • Cover: hdpe/frls/zhfr.
  • Also available in fire retardant cover.
  • Flat cables: unitube 144f, multitube 588f.
  • Hybrid cables with integrated optical fiber.
  • Conduit, direct buried, corrugated steel tape, adss, aerial, fith and mini/micro cable ducts
  • Armed with round steel wires or steel strips.
  • According to BSNL or national and international specifications.
    • Single mode.
    • Multi mode.


OPGW Cable Systems

  • Independent cable systems.
  • Collection cable system.
  • OPPC cable systems.

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